[Devlog #000] A New Beginning

During the last years, we have developed an open platform for assessment and training of skills. We started with a simple idea. We just wanted to have an online platform, which we could use for our research projects. Over time the idea grew and new features were added to the platform. Instead of just beginning a private platform for our studies, we have opened it to also be a social network for sharing tasks and tests. Even though we have started with a microservice architecture and could adapt to many new requirements, we think it is time to rewrite the entire platform. This should help us to focus on our vision, which has formed the last years. To document the process we will try to write these Devlogs from time to time. These will not be tutorials but rather a documentation about the rewrite. They could be focussing on technical decisions, on design discussion, present architectures, or focus on rather small problems we will encounter by rewriting OpenPatch.

So if you are interested in seeing how this rewrite is processing over the next months, be sure to follow us.

If you want to see the current code base of OpenPatch, which is built around Flask, MariaDB, and NextJS be sure to check out our GitLab-Repository https://gitlab.com/openpatch.

Mike Barkmin | 2020-08-24