Assessment of Programming Competencies

Our Work

OpenPatch is a group of developer, educator and researchers specialized in assessments of programming competencies. We create dynamic flow-based assessments, interactive task formats, easy to understand reports and a platform for sharing.

Flow-based assessments

Development of simple linear assessments to complex assessments with multiple paths for giving precise diagnosis.

Interactive Tasks

Development of interactive task for assessing multiple aspects of programming competencies.

User-Friendly Reports

Research on how user-friendly reports can be shaped and presented to be understood and processed in a blink of an eye.

Platform for Sharing

Development of a platform for sharing flow-based assessments with the world.

Our Supporters

We are open to collaborate with individual teachers, schools, universities or companies, who are interessted in assessing their people in order to provide efficent training.

Contact Us

If you are interessted in a collaboration, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!