Open Projects for Assessment and Training of Computing Competencies

This is Us

OpenPatch is an acronym for Open Projects for Assessment and Training of Competencies, especially in the field of Computer Science. The four letters in Open are not only the first you read, but are also the core foundation which we are based on. We believe that education should be available to everybody. Therefore, we focus our work on Open Source making everything we do available to the public.

Our Principles

Put the student first

Everything we do is for the student and must improve their learning. We are not there to judge students, we are not here to look at the students from above, we are here to propel them and inspire them to be a computer scientist.

Develop in the open

Do not be afraid of putting materials out in the open. Materials are never perfect, we as teachers always find stuff to improve, but keep your materials for yourself is not a solution. We believe that only as a community we can develop the best experience for our students. So put your materials out there and share them with the Computer Science Education community.

Be a guide not an inspector

Why should a student not have access to every assessment or training material? Hiding material from students, because it could decrease the reliability of an assessment or because they would get to far ahead of everyone else, is something we do not believe in. Students should not be hindered by arbitrary borders. If sparked their interest, we should endorse it and help them to move forward.

Digital tools can never replace a teacher

Even though we are developing digital tools which might seem to replace teachers like automated assessments. We believe that only a professional trained teacher can create the right environment to foster the learning of students. Therefore, we see digital tools as something to help a teacher to do their job, but never to replace them. We also believe that the communication and the connection between a teacher and a student is one of the most important bits of education.

Our Supporters

We are open to collaborate with individual teachers, schools, universities or companies, who are interessted in assessing their people in order to provide efficent training.

Contact Us

If you are interessted in a collaboration, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Twitter: @openpatchorg